Heirloom Wood Boxes

Remington-Large-Ammo-BoxDo you know the age old question, What do you get a man who  already has everything? When you’re thinking of gift ideas, odds are he probably doesn’t have one of these.

Relic Wood has vintage reproductions of officially licensed boxes and crates with popular name brands like Miller, Anhueser Busch, Winchester and Remington. There is also a selection of unique home decor and rustic furniture. Our vintage boxes are individually handcrafted and Embossed printed using an original 1930′s era Hooper Press. This manufacturing process makes them true replicas and unique collectibles.

Often when thinking of heirloom or keepsake items, they are considered to be old, worn and teathered. This is not always true. Wooden Boxes from Relic Wood are still constructed that same way they were almost a hundred years ago. It is important that Heirloom items are crafted from quality materials, and that each piece is carefully constructed with pride. You plan to pass these items down to loved ones from generation to generation. To do so these items must be made strong and durable, but still keep that sentimental look and feel. All of Relic Wood’s products are constructed with original style hardware and the prints are embossed printed using an original 1930′s era Hooper press. We also have products with full color prints applied using our innovative process. So instead of buying a product that’s very old and fragile, you can purchase an heirloom box that is built to last and still have the same antique look. You can feel confident that your heirloom item will be enjoyed for years to come.

These Heirloom and Keepsake wooden boxes are induvidually handcrafted in the USA. This variety of beautiful items make great pieces that can be used for interior design ideas and decoration. Our Heirloom Wood Boxes are replicas of original antiques that truely carry a distinct “old timey” look and feel. If your looking for items that really catch they eye and set off any room, then visit RelicWood.com and see for yourself that there is truely something for everyone. An Heirloom Wood Box or Decorative Wood Box are the perfect gift for any ocassion. They will help give any home or office a vintage or rustic look. Most of the boxes will work great for storing important and sentimental posessions, set the room off by keeping a box on a dresser, shelf or mantle. When passing down an heirloom item, you hope your loved one will use and enjoy it until they pass it on to their loved one. Any of these antique wooden boxes will be perfect for the job. Since the boxes are constructed of quality materials they will last for decades of regular use. They work great for storing important items and look great while doing so. Some of the decorative boxes are even lockable.

7-121-1Relic Wood also offers an extensive selection of Heirloom and Rustic items including Decorative Boxes, Ammo Boxes, Vintage Beverage Cases, Foot Lockers, Trunks , Heirloom Furniture and Home Decor. All of these quality built, classic items will accent your home or office beautifully and leave you with a sense of satisfaction. Relic’s selection of Heirloom furniture ranges with options for every room in the house. The Bar Style Tables make great additions to you Kitchen, Den, Bar or Entertainment Area. Set your new Bar Table off with matching Bar Stools with plated foot rest.The Trunks and Benches really accent a bedroom or living area with plenty of storage room for blankets, shoes, etc. Finish orgainizing your living room with one of Relic Wood’s Rustic Coffee Tables or a Game Chest. Choose from a variety of wooden Welcome Signs, Clocks, Chalkboards and other home decor. These Heirloom Items are ideal for getaway cabins and vacation homes but build well enough to withstand everyday use!

Looking for new items for the Garage or Man room? What about a meaningful gift to pass down to your son? Our Vintage Fishing Rod rack, with a 7 rod capacity and storage space for tackle and line would make the perfect gift for any dedicated or casual fisherman, and can be passed down for generations. Need something to organize with and give the old timey look you going for? Check out the Winchester and Remington Rolling Crates or a Heirloom Case or Trunk for extra storage. If you’ve been looking for a way to organize and store your ammo or gun cleaning parts then our hancrafted, rustic ammo boxes will do just the trick! One of Relic Wood’s most popular items are the Antique Beverage Cases. The decorative wooden boxes are exact replicas of original beer cases with prints like Anhueser Busch and Miller. With rolled steel strapping, oval headed barbed nails and beer case hinges; they truely original replicas and make a great decorative and usable piece to any room. Relic also offers Heirloom Wood Boxes for each branch of the U.S. Military, the handcrafted box with tray will make any enlisted or retired service man or woman proud. These quality built wooden boxes will give them a lifetimes worth of use and enjoyment. They make an organized and professional looking way to store important documents, metals, pictures or any personnal item. If someone in your family decides to join the military and carry on the family tradition, you can proudly pass on one of these boxes! See for yourself and check out the entire selection at www.relicwood.com and see what’s right for you!